Already have a resume and need a professional review before submitting for a job? Or, do you need me to create you a professional resume? Let me help you cross that off your list!

  1. I will ask you questions about yourself and the types of jobs you are looking to apply to;
  2. I will review your current resume and edit where needed/I will create your resume from scratch;
  3. I will send you a draft for your review, highlighting my changes made/making changes per your request; and
  4. I will finalize your resume and provide you with a word (editable for future use) and a PDF document (for submission).

*See my various extra add-ons to enhance this Skillit 

**Disclaimer: All documents and information received about you will be confidential; I will assume that information provided is factual, as I will not be verifying any of it; I cannot guarantee that by editing, reviewing or creating your resume that you will get the job(s) you are applying for; and I will not be listed or noted as a contact person to recruitment managers/agencies for any further information regarding your resume or application. 

***5-days delivery includes Step 1 – 4