Need a t-shirt design for a christening, birthday party, funeral, event or anything. Let us create a quality and clean design for you!

With this Skillit purchase you will receive:

  • An awesome t-shirt design
  • JPEG and PNG file formats
  • 3 general revisions of my initial design concept
  • Professional communication throughout the project

Please note:

  • This Skillit order does not include t-shirt printing
  • The time to delivery really depends on the t-shirt concept requested, timeliness of client feedback and revision demands. The time can be considerably shorter if we have smooth and frequent communication on Skillit.
  • You can upload sample images, ideas and initial information for my review after checkout in our private chat room.
  • If you find this Skillit is still not the right fit for what you are looking for you can send me a custom order with your specific requirements and budget – e.g. multiple t-shirt design projects, etc
  • If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me here on Frendliest Skillit.

To get started simply click ‘ORDER NOW’ and checkout! You will then be channeled to our private chat room where you will receive an automatic message from me highlighting the next steps.


CK Designz