Perfect for Everyone

Frendliest Skillit is perfect for Bermudian freelancers, budding entrepreneurs, small businesses, professionals, hobbyist, and pretty much anyone with an awesome skill, service offering or talent!

Great for Bermudian Entrepreneurs

With no upfront cost, Skillit is the perfect place to take the entrepreneur plunge! Test your big dream, execute your vision, build your reputation and put your amazing skills to use!

Great for Bermudian Small Businesses

With no upfront cost, find new customers, grow your existing business, build brand awareness, and boost your online presence! The possibilities are endless on Friendliest Skillit


Step 1 - Create a User Account

Register a user account, build your personal SkillOffice (Profile), submit a seller registration form and get verified. Only registered and verifed, users can sell on Frendliest Skillit.


Step 2 - Post A Skillit

Navigate to 'Post a Skillit'. Select the package plan most suitable for your needs. Begin creating your first Skillit. Once your Skillit is ready, simply press Submit. After we review it, your Skillit will go live.


Step 3 - Deliver Great Work

Get notified when you receive an order. Skillit provides a built-in messaging system to discuss finer details with the customers, attach samples/draft, and submit the finished product. You conduct everything in one place!


Step 4 - Get Paid

As the trusted middle, we collect the order payment before the Skillit begins. Once an order is completed you can submit a withdrawal request to have your earned payment transferred to your account. Say goodbye to chasing clients for payments and waiting 30 days for a check.

Communicate directly with a Buyer, request more information, ask for samples, highlight your capabilities, share your ideas, explain your requirements, negotiate Skillit dynamics, deliver the finished service. All in one place!


Send custom orders to a buyer. Receive custom orders from buyers. Perfect for unique or complex jobs that require a custom service offering e.g. business customer seeking a large project

Do great work and earn great ratings & reviews. There is an extensive review & rating system on Skillit. An amazing rating and positive comments are the perfect way to attract buyers to your Skillit

Create an awesome SkillOffice (Profile) that is complete and highlights your personality, professionalism, brand image and skillset. Be sure to talk about your work experience, educational background, and any certifications/designations you have earned that support your Skillits! Users will most likely check out your SkillOffice (Profile) before making a purchase. Oh yea, and don’t forget to upload a profile picture! Once it is done, share it on your social media. This way you can increase views of your SkillOffice (Profile) and then it is time to make your first sale.

Your outreach and self-promotion is key to growing you Skillit and reputation. Treat your SkillOffice (profile) and Skillits like a genuine business. Execute unique marketing activities to reach and establish your own network. Don’t feel you’re in this alone. In addition to your marketing efforts, we will execute our own marketing campaigns to drive customers to the site. Before you know it, you will become the helpful authority your friends, colleagues and new customers seek out when they need a service complete.

You can create a Skillit for basically any service you can offer. However, the best Skillits are ones that are precise, narrow and apply to a specific element of a service

Specific (Good)

  • I will create an amazing retro vintage logo
  • I will do 5 mins of professional video editing in under 24hrs
  • I will proofread 5 pages of documents for you
  • I will do a 30-minute presentation on entrepreneurship at your event
  • I will sell you 3 high quality Bermuda landscape photos
  • I will review and make suggestions to enhance your Partnership Agreement

Too Broad (Not Good)

  • I will do graphic design work
  • I will do video editing work
  • I will edit documents
  • I will do a motivational speech
  • I will send you photos
  • I will do a legal review of documents

Simple things to optimize your Skillit:

  • Short and punchy title – I will (do, create, make) a/an (adjective e.g. amazing, cool, etc.) (service item)
  • Use your 5 images wisely – show samples of your work, make sure your work samples accurately show your skills, create collages, etc
  • Great reviews and ratings help establish your reputation. If your customer is happy with the work you did, encourage them to leave a positive comment and rating
  • Respond quickly and in detail
  • Pricing your Skillit is important. We recommend pricing your Skillit based on the value you associate with your work. If you are confident you complete high quality work, price your Skillit to reflect that.
  • Be realistic and set reasonable expectations. If your buyers’ expectations are met or exceeded, you’ll get good rating and more business. Unhappy customers are likely to leave bad reviews and ratings. Sellers are required to meet the delivery time they specified when creating their Skillit.

Optimizing your Description

  • Make sure your Skillit description is well written, concise and accurately describe the services you provide.
  • Your description should include specifics associated with your Skillit:

For $XX you will get
How many samples will you provide?
How many revisions will you enable?
What will the customer receive upon completion?

  • Think about what a customer’s FAQ’s would be and attempt to add this information to your Skillit description. The best sellers don’t leave room for misunderstandings.
  • Encourage the buyer to contact you before starting a Skillit to ask questions or seek a more customized job. P.s. You can send buyers a custom offer and buyers can send you a custom order.
Features to Optimize your Skillit

Offer Extra’s – Boost your income by offering your customers Extra’s on a Skillit. Extra’s are add -on services and options that you can offer for an additional fee. Extra’s must be related to your original Skillit.

Examples of Extra’s:

  • I will create an amazing retro vintage logo
    Extra – 3 more samples
    Extra – Business Card Design with the logo
    Extra – 1-day rush delivery
  • I will do 5 mins of professional video editing in under 24hrs
    Extra – 5 additional mins
    Extra – 12hr rush delivery
  • I will proofread 5 pages of documents for you
    Extra – 10 Pages in Total
    Extra – 20 Pages in Total
    Extra – 50 Pages in Total
    Extra – 1-day rush delivery
  • I will review and make basic suggestions to enhance your Partnership Agreement
    Extra – Detailed explanations and commentary
    Extra – Provide legal advice and tips
    Extra – 2-day rush delivery

Post a video – Insert a video to your Skillit with ease. You can either post the Youtube or Vimeo video as the feature image, or you can copy the Youtube or Vimeo link and paste it into the description section. Don’t be afraid to make it personal. Record yourself. Show customers your personality and enthusiasm to support your work.

Add tags Applying tags to your Skillit will help it display better in search results.

Almost anyone can find something to sell on Skillit. Browse our categories and look at how other sellers offer their services, find where your skills can fit in, and then decide what’s the best way for you to create your Skillit. Skillit is suitable for both novelty services to conventional services:

Here’s some ideas to inspire you:

  • Website creation, development and design
  • Logo, Flyer and Invitation designs
  • Photo/Video editing
  • Social Media designs
  • Guides and Insights
  • Market Research
  • Branding and Marketing projects
  • Fitness and workout routines
  • Conference Speaking
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Excel Projects
  • Create PowerPoint presentation
  • Create Resumes
  • Proof read Documents
  • Review legal Documents
  • Coding and Programming Support
  • Application creation, installation and configure
  • Setup user accounts
  • Custom Mixtapes
  • Radio Drops
  • Music Promotion
  • Song Mastering
  • Singing birthday songs in a different language

The opportunities are endless!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

It’s free to join Frendliest Skillit and post up to 3 Skillits. There is no subscription required or fees to list your Skillits. Instantly start making money doing what you love and invest in upgrades as you grow.

When it comes to actual orders, you keep 85% of the total completed order value. For example, if you price your Skillit at $100, you will receive $85 for a completed order. Your revenues are recognized in your user account once your delivered Skillit is ‘Accepted’ by the buyer. For more information, see our Terms of Service.

Who is eligible to be a Seller?

To be a seller on Frendliest Skillit you must be a local Bermudian. We classify ‘Local Bermudian’ as obtaining a valid; Bermuda Birth Certificate, Bermuda Permeant Resident Certificate (PRC), Bermuda Passport, or Bermuda Driver License.

What can I sell?

Skillit is suitable for both novelty and conventional services. It is ideal for digital items which can be transfered over the internet e.g – flyers, photos, audio files, video files, documents, etc. However, you can also provide non-digital services e.g. – support, public speaking, consulting, counseling advice, etc. The most important thing is that all communications, drafting and negotiations take place within Skillit’s built in private communication platform which is created after a buyer purchases your Skillit. Any users who engage and communicate off the Skillit website will not be protected by our Terms of Service. You can offer any service you wish as long as it’s legal and complies with our terms.

How much money can I make?

It’s totally up to you. You are in full control to work as much as you want. Utilise Skillit full time or keep your 9-5 job and use Skillit to make extra money.

How do I price my service?

You can set your Skillit anywhere between $25 – $1,000. If you wish to post a Skillit for more than $1,000, kindly send us an email at [email protected] 

Can I pause my Skillit?
Yup you can! Going on a trip? In need of a break? Need time to catch up on your current Skillits? Simply navigate to My Skillits and click Pause.
How do I delete my Account?
You may delete your account at any time by emailing Customer Support ([email protected]), submitting a Support Ticket, or sending a written notice of termination to Frendliest Skillit Attn: Termination of Account, 14 Paynter Lane, Sandys, SB02, Bermuda. If you terminate your account during an active Skillit, any Skillit will be automatically cancelled and any refund due to the buyer or revenue due to the seller will depend upon the applicable cancellation policy.
How do I get paid?

As the trusted middle, we collect the order payment before the Skillit begins. Once an order is completed you can submit a withdrawal request from your Dashboard (Click Dashboard > Click Revenue) to have your earned payment transferred to your account. The withdrawal process may take up to 5-7 business days to complete. Say goodbye to chasing clients for payments and waiting 30 days for a check. If you have any difficulty kindly contact our Custom Support at [email protected] for further assistance. For more information, see our Terms of Service.

Will your platforms be safe and secure?

We’ve taken steps to implement robust security measures from the development stage to the everyday operation of Frendliest Skillit. We won’t store any of your credit card information (that’s handled by our payment processor Authorized Net, the best in the business) and we will never share your sensitive personal information with anyone else. Although we can’t promise you, we will do all we can to secure our platforms and protect you.

Can I upgrade my Package Plan after signing up?

Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any time after signing up. Kindly email Customer Support ([email protected]) before hand and we will guide you through the upgrading process.

What’s your privacy policy?

We will never share your information with any third party. Who is a third party? Well the first party is us, and the second party is you. So, a third party is anyone other than us and you. And you know, they probably have enough already. For more information, see our Privacy Policy located at the bottom of the web page.

How do I send large documents?

We apply limitations to the size of documents that can be uploaded to Skillit. Athough most items should be able to upload to Skillit, some larger files may not. However, this does not mean your Skillit offering should be affected in anyway. Kindly send your large documents to [email protected], highlight the recipients username & invoice number, and we will pass on the Skillit file on your behalf. If the item is to big for an email, kindly send it to us using WeTransfer

If I use your platform, will you control everything?

Nope! The beauty of Frendliest Skillit is that we only act as a trusted ‘behind the scenes’ middle man to provide security, control and insure personal, sensitive and banking information is not shared with unknown individuals. As a seller, you are in full control to create a SkillOffice and establish your brand, style and offering array, just the way you want. Interact directly with customers, send custom skillits to customers, monitor your data analytics all within the Frendliest Skillit.

How can I manage my account and personal data?

If you would like to review, correct, update, suppress, delete or otherwise limit our use of your Personal Data that has been previously provided to us, you may update your information through your account profile settings. If for any reason you have a problem with accessing to, correcting or deleting any personal information that you have provided to us, please contact Customer Support ([email protected]) or submit a support ticket through ‘My Support’ and we will make reasonable efforts to update, correct or delete any such information for you – unless we have to keep that information for legitimate business, legal purposes or those applicable to the law.

You may request to confirm whether or not we are processing your personal data. You may be entitled to request copies of your personal information held by us. While a lot of the personal information you provide to us can be accessed in your account profile and dashboard, you may also be entitled to request copies of personal information you have provided to us in machine-readable format. To request a report please contact Customer Support ([email protected]) or submit a support ticket through ‘My Support’. For more information please visit our Privacy Policy.