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What is

Frendliest Skillit?

Frendliest Skillit is an exciting way for Bermudian entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses to create a SkillOffice (profile) and post services in their field of expertise. People seeking a service can browse for Skillits (services) that suit their needs, communicate with the respective service provider directly, and hire the service provider to complete the task, all in one place. Services on the site can be as novel as designing a business logo, translating documents, creating Snapchat filters, selling digital images, to highly conventional, such as website customization, corporate branding assignments, music video creation and legal document advice. There is something for everyone on Frendliest Skillit. Have a great skill, talent or profession? Become a Seller on Skillit for FREE! Simply create a User Account and submit a Seller Registration Form.

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Why use Frendliest Skillit?
  • User Friendly

    A simple design for ease of use. Create a Frendliest Skillit account in minutes. Search for things in seconds. One stop location to purchase, customize and receive your service. Become a Seller in as little as an hour. Work your way doing what you love, how you like.

  • Secured Transactions

    Frendliest Skillit does not process any of your transactions or store any of your credit card information directly. That’s all handled by our PCI compliant payment processor Authorize Net, the best in the Business.

  • Local Bermudian Sellers

    Every Skillit you purchase is offered and supports a local Bermudian entrepreneur, freelancer or small business. Bermuda has a lot of skilled and talented individuals, so we decided to create a platform to turn their skills into income earning Skillits.

How does Frendliest Skillit work?
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  • Search your needs

    Search by keyword (e.g. snapchat filter, logo, flyer, tech support), filter by categories and tags. Within a few seconds you can find exactly what you need.

  • Select your favorite Skillit

    Select the perfect Skillit by easily connecting and communicating with Sellers directly on the site, submitting or requesting a custom order, or browsing Seller and Skillit reviews and ratings. It’s pretty simple to get exactly what you want.

  • Get your stuff done

    Once you select and purchase a Skillit the fun begins. Communicate with the seller directly in a private chat style environment. Upload files and samples. Purchase ‘Skillit Extras’ along the way. Receive the final product. Post reviews and rate.